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WW International, Inc., formerly Weight Watchers International, Inc., is a global company headquartered in the U.S. that offers various products and services to assist in healthy habits, including weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset such as the Weight Watchers comprehensive diet program. Founded in 1963 by Queens, New York City homemaker Jean Nidetch, WW's program has three options as of 2019: online via its mobile app and website, coaching online or by phone, or in-person meetings.

Faye shared her outrage, "Weight Watchers is literally impossible to CANCEL...IMPOSSIBLE! Their customer service contact is ridiculous, they make it hard. I cancelled, got a confirmation and they still continue to charge. I had to dispute it with PayPal. Let me say this, I've been on Weight Watchers several times in my life. The program itself is wonderful. But you would think I would learn my lesson not to trust them as far as cancelling memberships. I WILL NEVER SIGN UP FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS AGAIN!!!! I'm so disgusted!!!"


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Former Contractor - Leader says

"The pay is awful, but the expectations are many."

Receptionist/Customer Service, involved weighting and counseling members. (Former Employee) says

"In the last several years, upon Oprah Winfrey’s involvement, management has taken a very successful member oriented company and very quickly destroyed its customer satisfaction, employee dedication and overall continued success. Employees or member services no longer matter, retail sales takes presidents over member services and customer satisfaction. Oprah Winfrey has found a CEO, in Mindy Grossman, who is willing to support her do good works at the expense of the company and it employees, mostly women I might add. It’s amazing that a company that was founded by a woman, headed by a woman and is supported by mostly women can treat its woman employees, in the field, so poorly. If you want a job where you are under paid, under appreciated and not valued at all WW formerly Weight Watchers is the company for you.Free lunches, snacks etc. are offered to corporate employees only.Field employees, which are the backbone of the company are underpaid and under valued, you’re not even given water!"

Coach and Location Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was one of 4,000 employees whose employment was terminated during a record Zoom call in which we were muted. There appears to be no rhyme or reason Re: who was fired. The company appears to be taking drastic measures to destroy the one thing that made it unique amongst its competitors - in person meetings. I loved working with the members but whatever was accomplished took place in spite of chaotic and ill-advised corporate decisions that showed a marked lack of awareness and sensitivity toward the field staff, who were the face of WW, and the members. Everything they put out had multiple errors, instructions that didn’t work, and gaping omissions. I was often left off of lists for training and other events. There was a typo in my contract that had my name as Jukie instead of Jukie and no one could/would ever fix it. I should have known from that alone that this company is not concerned with the welfare of its employees. The pay is terrible, but we were all wanting to work there for the members. WW is morally and ethically bankrupt.NoneSee above. What a mess!"

Customer Service, Coach, Store Mngr (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for. We barely make minimum wage and sometimes we don't even make that. Management only concerned with Corp, not it's staff . HorrificThe work itself is rewardingPay, management, Corporate"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They are very unorganized and impolite. They careless if employees experience unexpected mishaps in their lives, HR does not respond back to you directly or at all."

Wellness Coach (Former Employee) says

"Too many negatives!! My two line managers were not competent enough to be in their positions. CEO clearly has no clue what goes on at ground floor level. They pay a low hourly rate considering the job and responsibilities. Not paid to travel to/from workshops which was two hours round trip meaning I was actually paid £4.25 ph! Training is very intense and rushed then coaches are thrown in at the deep end too soon because they have a high turnover of staff. Many grown women feel so overwhelmed they cry. Forced to store their stock for free which takes up loads of space at home. Responsibility for shop takings and banking, admin. Stock taking (and waiting in all day for weekly delivery) of shop items. targeted to sell but not allowed to directly sell. Loads of heavy lifting soooo much kit, loading and using your own car, buying your own plastic boxes to store it and carrying all that heavy stuff including two sets of scales each weighing one stone each, an A board etc. Expected to be available and responding to messages on several sites 24/7 yet only paid two hours for each workshop when it takes longer. Expected to reach targets without any understanding encouragement or support. Click environment. Don’t like people more educated or experienced than themselves."

Coach, guide, location coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Zero respect for woman. No raises given in 30 years. A new hire will make the same as you even if you’ve been here for 20 years. Corporate so out of touch with field staff. Territory leaders are so unprofessional and can control your schedule - so lack of security!!! The absolute worst technology ever and you have to carry 50 dollars of your own money bc they don’t supply change!!! You have to collect money deposit on your own private unsecured bank and write them a check!!! CrazyHalf price productsEverything else"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Employee's are friendly to work with. While working at weight watchers, I got very sick, because the work environment is dirty, the floors are dirty, the cubicles are very nasty, so you will get sick while working there, because a lot of employees did. The computers always either frozen up, or it will shut down in the middle of a call. Sometimes customers credit card charges paid for other weight watchers membership because the computer messed up, so while you will be working there expect that. You suppose to work with two computers, they never gave me an extra computer in order for me to do my job correctly. While in training I only learned a bit, but the employee's are there to assist. You will never see any help assist on the floor unless people complain. The environment is jeans are business casual, so its relaxing.Great people to work with and relaxing in jeansnasty environment and computer problems all the time"

Tally Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible. Alot of pressure for a 12.00 Per hour job. No room for advancement!!! I worked for this company for over 5 years. I have yet to see 1 dollar increase! No pros!!"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"seriously , this company is just a pool of bottom feeders. Avoid at all costsmadison park area, that'll it go out of business one day soonhuman resources, management, offshore, website is nonsensical"

MEETING LEADER (Current Employee) says

"When I stared working at weight watchers I did feel valued and appreciated but recently i felt none of that. The communication went down hill and the management expected you to attend trainings that you were given a 1 week notice for.helping people achieve goalshorrible communication"

Chat Coach (Former Employee) says

"Not happy with this company. They are not empathetic. Pay is low. Too much info thrown at you all at once. Felt dismissed and not valued as an employee."

Receptionist/ coach (Current Employee) says

"The job is exciting in itself . I can even say rewarding due to the fact that you are hands on with people. It is relaxing and enjoyable but can be stressful; this is due to having short meeting time. If you multitask and stay focused it is smooth sailing. It is the poor management. Competitive as far as hours. They also stress you as far as hours worked out of the job site. They make you feel guilty for claiming hours to certain job.Free programCompetitive"

Leader (Current Employee) says

"Before training to be a leader, I was a member for over a decade. I have loved Weight Watchers as a program and have experienced success with it. As a workplace, it is terrible. I've been so disappointed. They expect part time employees to log in and keep up with numerous electronic systems that don't interact with each other. I'm expected to review email, a separate system for meeting and other info, a workplace facebook page and a separate app to check for possible meeting assignments... It is overcomplicated and too much if you are just leading a few meetings each week. You are lost in a sea of information trying to figure out how to navigate. Most of figuring out what I needed to do was on my own with no support. It was such a difficult process to get trained and figure everything out. I thought if I just persevered I would eventually push through to where I was leading meetings and things were smooth, but it has been and remains terrible. The local management has been awful. If I could rate zero stars I would. I don't understand how a full-time Territory Manager can have another full-time job besides WW??? I am a leader and have never wanted to be a receptionist. I have been told I am expected to take receptionist assignments when it is good for the team whether I want to or not. (It is less pay.) I understand a "team mentality" but it is not this, it is bullying and favoritism playing a part in meeting assignments. Leaders aren't supposed to weigh members - this is a big no-no - but it is super confusing when people have seen you weighMembers, CoworkersManagement, Technology"

Guide, Location Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was a loyal hard working employee who got let go over a muted zoom call. People I trained with little experience were kept on. Pay is garbage. Maybe they did me a favor.Great coworkers and membersPay and lack of respect"

field worker, receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Most positive reviews are from those that worked in corporate. The field employees get little pay, no seniority, no benefits, no pay if you dont workdiscount on product, interaction with membersmanagement is not supportive. Less than min wage"

I have held so many different jobs with WW in the last 20 years (Former Employee) says

"Over 20 years of working for this company and I was fired in a 3 minute robo call along with thousands of other long time employees. We were given no reason and no possibility of having our jobs back. Please not that we were not paid ONE DIME MORE than people who were hired 6 months ago that got to keep their jobs. This company cares about money and that is it.Helping members to lose weightA corporation that cares nothing about you once you stop being a member and start working for them"

Weight loss coach/receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Worse management I've ever encountered. Paid minimum wage and never saw a raise in over 30 years. They expected you to 'grow' your meetings to see any increase in salary but they did very little to get the members in the door. It was our job to keep them coming, not bring them in.Discount on productConstantly closing meetings, cutting hours, poor management, favoritism, always feeling like your job is threatened if you spoke up, etc..etc..etc.."

Senior Regional Payroll Specialist (Administrator) says

"The only people that could use the ping pong table were the Management no one else had anytime to play. lol. Weight Watchers was a very nice place to work 10 years ago. My day started with entering payroll and sending reports to the Director .My staff was very good at what they did every day. The best part of my day was doing the payroll.I really liked working in a payroll department.Weight Watchers gave the Employees WW food for a dollar.The new Management...."

leader (Current Employee) says

"I have learned very valuable people skills and it made me very confident and approachable. Management is good. Co workers are supportive and inspiring. The hardest part of the job is the after care of the members and the administration. The best part of the job is the actual meeting wher I meet my members.People's joblow paid"


"I worked for Weight Watchers International, a GREAT company. When I came to work at Weight Watchers of Arizona, a franchise, I found it to be a very unstable work environment. The managment lacked people and team building skills. very unhappy there.weight watchers is a great companythis weight watchers franchise is contrary to the beliefs of the parent company, naco."

Norma says

"I cancelled WW years ago, but during Covid they started emailing me again. I repeatedly unsubscribed from their emails, but they just kept coming. I reached out to them via twitter, and they told me that they would unsubscribe me but that it would take up to 3 weeks to get all of the current email campaigns to cycle through, that it was impossible to pull my email address from the communications. 3 weeks came and went. I wrote to them again (on Twitter) and was again told that they would unsubscribe me, but that it would take up to 2 weeks ... same story. Ages ago I sent their mail to SPAM, but it is infuriating that they are not removing me from their mailing list when I no longer have any account with them. They are, quite simply put, the worst."

Jane Doe says

"Impossible to cancel. Had to call our bank to resolve and stop the billing. They care more about raking in the $ through deceptive billing than their own customers well being and satisfaction. How on earth they think this is a sustainable business practice, I don't know. Also, opting out of selling your data is next to impossible, which I fail to believe is even legal (it should be very easy to opt out). They claim they do NOT sell your data, but they clearly do. The info you provide to WW includes your DOB and home address, so this is ripe for fraud. Do yourself a favor and just google the points and/or food list and get it for free. I've been with WW on and off since the 1990s, and it's sad to see how horrible they've become. Consumer beware."

Jessica Stonehouse says

"Weight watchers is a scam"

Barry Ellis says

"I decided weightwatchers wasn’t for me after three days. I have sent two emails to cancel. The first was ignored completely and the second one replied that I couldn’t cancel by email unless it was within fourteen days of starting. As I had only started three days before it was obvious that the policy for customer service weightwatchers is to be as obstructive as possible. Not an organisation you want to be involved with."

Narelle McGregor says

"Don't Do It! Their offers and trials are a scam.
Such a shame as I enjoyed it for a month but realised I didn't have the time or energy to dedicate. I was giving it a go for £2 a month and at the end of that period I was charged £13 and I quickly tried to cancel to be told the 2 months for £2 thing I took up had a contract that couldn't be cancelled after 14 days which will see me paying £13 for another 5 months! Won't go near WW again and will tell everyone I know to stay well clear."


"Joined on Wednesday. By Friday, I knew it wasn’t right for me. 30 day free trial. Can’t cancel online, it will continue to bill. Phones are only available M-F. This was a 3 day weekend. Called on Tuesday to cancel. They said cost to cancel was $39.99, which is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the terms & conditions. Screenshot of free trial doesn’t show cancellation fee, either."

Sam Young says

"I 100% agree with the negative reviews about it being impossible to get out of and very misleading at sign up."

William Kus says

"They are a shady business. You can't automatically cancel. You have to speak with someone directly, but nobody is available.

The website says that you can cancel online automatically but the link doesn't work. :D

For a business like WW that must make millions of dollars a year, having something like this be inoperable is not by accident."

estelle lames says

"Impossible to cancel, they tell you they have cancelled in repeated calls/ online chats but keep charging. Disgraceful"

Tori L says

"I made an account and cancelled it. Still got charged for 11 additional months. Wouldn’t refund."

Sony251 says


Cindy says

"Weight watchers is just another diet fad
Takes your money and uses tiny loop holes to continue to take your money
Promises with no results
Uses Oprah as spokes women and Oprah is constantly trying to lose weight because she gains it back
Typical scam
And go ahead and try to cancel they take even more of your money"

Kim Woollett says

"Absolute SCAM! Tried to cancel my monthly subscription, as I was not using it, and anytime I did go on the app, it was frozen or glitching. What a waste of money. Call to cancel and the lady says the account has been cancelled, but I will continue to be billed for another 9 months. How is that legal? I never consented for a year subscription, otherwise I would have paid for the whole year from the beginning. She says, it was in the "fine print". What a load of trash. I will be going to the bank to figure out how to get out of this. Do not sign up for the app, or any of their services. It is NOT WORTH IT!"

Louise says

"The worst rude customer service. I asked to cancel as I am in financial difficulty.. Nope, I am unable to cancel and must continue paying subscription until April next year. I sent 3 emails all pleading to cancel as i simple could not afford for the payments to be taken from my account. they didn’t care less !! I think it is disgusting that a company cares so little for people’s actual wellbeing that cries for help are ignored. IF this was a credit agreement even debt collectors are more caring and supportive to ongoing financial situations .... avoid like the plague!!!

The meetings are terrible and unless u only eat chicken and salad don’t bother ..."

chris brear says

"really unhelpful company. Don't get involved with them.

I asked not to auto renew but they still charged me. Six months later they are still refusing a refund."

Kate Giles says

"didn’t realise I couldn’t cancel the membership and have to pay 90 pounds"

Jools says

"I just signed-up for my last WW attempt. I decided to cancel because I keep being billed $19.95 for something I don't use. At some point, when I signed-up this latest time, I missed the fine print about the $39.95 early cancellation fee. I could've canceled today for $40 or paid $80 to continue until November. Incredibly sneaky move on WW, as if they're not already making enough off of their program and people hopping on-and-off. If my relationship with WW wasn't already over, it is now. What a scam."

Michelle Vazquez Martinez says

"I've been trying to cancel online for the last 3 months! When I do it says I've canceled and they still charge me on my PayPal! I finally called and talk to a real person, and she took one month off. I said no, I got charged for 3 months, I was told she could only take off one month, she came back on the line and said she could take off two months. I guess two months is better than 1 month but I still got ripped off for $49."

Harold Jones says

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Linda Powell says

"Food is ok and program could use more guidance to help users"

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